Renault Duster, No More Mistakes,
Havas Media Colombia

In reality, many people would like to drive a SUV (4x4), but in Colombia, just 5% of drivers own one. After launching the Duster – a SUV made with young, middle class people in mind – at an affordable price, Renault encouraged people to celebrate buyer’s remorse. In an unbranded effort, Renault reunited two of the most famous comedians from the 90’s - Martin de Francisco and Santiago Moure, whose show was centered around “fails” - and gave them a Twitter account with the hash tag #nomaserrores (#nomoremistakes). Online, the duo shared videos of cynical humor, while traditional media featured messages with common mistakes. When the Duster launched, Martin and Santiago appeared with hopeful messages inviting people “not to make mistakes” when it comes to purchasing a car. In just 12 days, the company pre-sold 800 units and 1,480 in the second month – 85% more than projected.