UTEC- University of Technology & Engineering, First-ever Water Billboard-BPN Media Connection and MayoDraftFCB Peru

UTEC encouraged enrollment by demonstrating that innovative engineers can find real solutions to real problems. In Bujama, a small town in Southern Peru that receives almost no rainfall, a billboard was created to convert humidity to drinking water. Not only did the billboard help provide much-needed water to hundreds of families; it awoke young minds in Peru who wanted to change the world through engineering. Applications to UTEC increased 28%.

Among the options for scholastic achievement, Engineering is a far less interesting career choice than most because if it’s numerical focus and demand on one's time.

The execution consisted of finding surrounding cities in Lima that are suffering from potable clean water in highly populated traffic areas and installing multiple first ever water billboards.

Despite the harsh weather conditions of .05% precipitation, the air contained 98% atmospheric humidity; the panel then trapped moisture from the air and converted it into drinking water for hundreds of families per month.

The campaign was posted on water generating billboards to demonstrate that engineering is not an unexciting career choice; on the contrary, it helps power innovative technologies that can change a society’s way of life.