Durex, Nuestro Mexico del Futuro, Team Durex, PHD Hong Kong

Durex has always been known for “Safe Sex,” but young men associate safe sex with thicker latex, which blocks the “real feeling.” As a result, they often turn to the competition for thinner options. To restore their affection for Durex, the brand perception moved from “Safe Sex” to “Love Sex.” For these men, soccer acts as a pleasure trigger, so the brand tapped into the Euro 2012 tournament to educate men on all the pleasures that Durex provides.

With the mobile soccer game Team Durex, players ‘flicked’ their finger to move the ball across the field and explore different positions to get a ‘score.’ The faster they flicked, the ‘harder’ the kick! Users could choose the Durex soccer player who best represented their personal strengths and techniques, from “Featherlite Ultra” to “PleasureMax” to “Performa.” For a lasting pleasure, players exchanged their points for Durex’s hidden pleasures by unlocking additional gizmos to further enhance their experience including the “Power Drink” or the “Vibrating Ring.”

Young men could even show off their ‘expertise’ and brag about their skills by sharing their record-high scores on a leaderboard on Facebook for their buddies to see! In just four weeks, Team Durex achieved more than 3,500 mobile app downloads. The game was so addictive that the average player played 12.9 times.