iButterfly, Turning the Sky into a Canvas, Media Palette (Dentsu) Hong Kong

To evolve in a market where 85% of agencies are made up of three giants (GroupM, Omnicom and Publicis Group), Media Palette positioned themselves as a media agency + owner of a unique media at the same time. Research showed that Hong Kong shoppers rank second as the most cost-conscious nation, second only to the US. But little has changed over the years; people still cut coupons. The agency created iButterfly, a unique mobile gaming experience that combines GPS services, motion sensor and augmented reality technology to let users “catch” a good deal in the form of butterflies on their smartphones. To catch deals, users flicked their phone as if waving a wand to uncover secret messages, product information, specific contents, etc. Coupon entertainment – a new marketing vocabulary – not only digitalizes coupons but transforms it into a fun experience offering localized content.

To promote the app, the brand leveraged their relationship as a media house with media partners for free marketing exposure. iButterfly has become the #1 mobile promotional platform in Hong Kong and with 360,000 downloads, it was named as Apple’s “Top 2 most downloaded (free) lifestyle app.” Redemption rates are 75% and more than 3 million consumers have engaged with the platform. In just over a year, iButterfly expanded Media Palette’s clientele by 60%.