Lifescan – One Touch, Simple Touches…Better Life, Initiative Media Dubai, UAE

In Saudi Arabia, one in four inhabitants suffers from diabetes, extending the burden beyond patients and their families, and onto society. Lifescan’s OneTouch blood glucose monitoring device was second in a market where pharmacists are apt to recommend a brand offering the best deal. OneTouch wanted to grow the category by giving diabetics and their caregivers the tools to manage diabetes and arm retailers with information to drive sales of other diabetes-related products.

Only 10% of diabetics manage their blood-sugar levels and “half-hearted” patients make up 42% of the total patient population. OneTouch created a management system with tools to enable patients and their “Triangle of Care”– doctor, caregiver, pharmacist – to manage their condition and adapt to a new healthy lifestyle. With Lamasat (translated to Touches in English), the education curriculum consisted of information on the 4Cs of diabetes management (check, control, consume, care). Beyond the TVC, branded content in Saudi Arabia’s highest rated health show – Green Apple – revolved around the 4C’s and the OneTouch monitors. The brand also created in-store Diabetes Care Centers and mega-displays featuring a family dinner with a life-size picture of the TVC family. Unaided brand awareness increased from 36% to 71% while One Touch sales soared by 217%.