Mastercard, From Priceless New York, UM US

In the financial services world, competing for the hearts and wallets of affluent consumers has never been more intense. American Express, Visa and Chase offer membership-type products. While MasterCard’s “Priceless” campaign is iconic, it’s doesn’t resonate as well with these well-heeled consumers. Rather than provide access to exclusive events, MasterCard decided to help consumers create stories as that’s what really matter most to them. Starting in New York City, MasterCard partnered with local tastemakers and iconic brands to help consumers constantly re-discover the city they know and love. Priceless New York (PNY), an e-commerce platform of truly unique experiences for New Yorkers, was born.

The brand recruited more than 25 Priceless New York media partners, who generated 110 original NYC
experiences. Some of the PNY experiences included: a tasting table curated by well-known NYC chefs, a photography class with National
Geographic, exclusive family events, private tours of museum exhibits and a shop-a-long trip with Vogue. Up against stiff competition from Amex, the program delivered compelling gains against all key metrics. MasterCard received a nine point lift in spontaneous brand awareness, while visits to the PNY site represented more than a third of the affluent target population of 2.9 million New Yorkers. MasterCard accounts that purchased a PNY experience showed a 35% increase in spend.