GOLD — Ciel (Coca-Cola) "Castaway Diary,"
—Starcom MediaVest Group Mexico

To generate awareness of their new recycling-friendly packaging and connect with the youth market in Mexico, Ciel created an innovative branded entertainment program.

“The Ciel Castaway Diary” was a story about Ceil’s sexy celebrity spokesperson, Ana Claudia Talancon being stranded on a desert island with a guy, Ciel water, and a water bottle recycling machine. Ana desperately wanted to get off the island by stuffing the empty water bottles with SOS messages and throwing them in the sea, but the guy – who wanted to stay on the island with the sexy Ana Claudia T. – convinced her that this was not eco-friendly. Later announcing himself as Teo, he asked for consumers help to keep Ana occupied so he could spend more time with her. The plot unfolded on the blog, Twitter, and on paid spots on national television.

The Ciel Castaways became a national obsession , even receiving free PR impressions when TV hosts announced they were fans and followed the story on their shows. The program succeeded in raising awareness and connected with the youth market in a very real way– sales volume grew by 21% over the previous year. Further research showed that Ciel’s status as “favorite brand” grew by 9%