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Bronze: Sainsbury’s—Cake submitted by (Havas Sports & Entertainment) UK

PediasureUK supermarket Sainsbury’shas a corporate mission of responsibility and respect for the environment. While Brits love their “cod ‘n chips,” the worldwide population of cod is being over-fished. As the largest UK retailer of British pollack, a sustainable, cheaper and tasty cod alternative, Sainsbury’s set out to save the cod species and educate consumers. However, the pollack name became a barrier to purchase as customers were embarrassed to ask for fish that rhymes with a rude slang word. Pollack needed a new name and new image.

Since French consumers buy 80% of English pollack, the fish was renamed “colin” —French for pollack and pronounced “colan.” The renamed fish got a makeover too; colin was packaged with limited edition designs by artist Wayne Hemmingway for store standout and media interest — just as partnerships with French restaurants were forged to add “colin” to their menus. Sainsbury’s scored a big win for both sustainable sourcing and commercial success.