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KFC Variety

Client: KFC

Entrant Company: Mindshare South Africa

Entry Category: A Local Brand or Service in a Local Market with innovative media solutions worthy of international adaptation or of world class standards

Names to be credited with submission:
• Claire Herman — Business Planning Director, Mindshare
• Margie Knap — Strategy Executive, Mindshare
• Kate Schmude — Implementation Executive, Mindshare
• Andrea Smith — Brand Manager, KFC
• Verity Smith — Brand Manager, KFC

Time Period of Campaign: 2008

Case Study Summary:

Marketing Situation:
• To position KFC’s Variety Bucket as the Number 1 meal for “Family/Group” sharing occasions amongst the high income Adult market – KFC is the best way to bring your family/friends together

• Link to a highly popular sponsorship opportunity in order to elevate the brand’s stature & contemporize the brand

• Amplify the Survivor SA Reward Challenge sponsorship in a complete, integrated 360-degree campaign, engaging with consumers on various levels

• Drive sales of KFC’s Variety Bucket meal

Key Insights: The communication platform was the Survivor SA Reward Challenge Sponsorship. Initially, KFC wanted to sponsor an “emotional” reward that gave the winner time with their friends/family and KFC. However, it became possible to better utilize the connection with Survivor by linking in-store promotion creatively with the campaign. The offer became: Buy a Variety Bucket & win a trip for you & 3 friends to Malaysia (site of Survivor Challenge) in the KFC “Biggest Reward Competition”.

The guerrilla technique capitalized on Survivor SA, although KFC was not the show’s official sponsor. Creative also spoofed the reward concept of the show, yet the competition was designed to solidify the bond with the show by giving contestants a chance to visit one of the show’s locales.

Media Strategy: The media evolved in two stages: 1.) Establish KFC’s Variety Bucket meal as perfect for family/group sharing occasions, and 2.) Communicate KFC’s Variety Bucket as the “ultimate reward” to win the grand prize of a trip for 4 to Malaysia, the site of Survivor SA.

Radio, television and print were used to generate traffic to KFC and introduce the KFC Survivor characters. Postcards were distributed in up-market pubs & bars, where groups of friends get together – competition details were included on the back.

An on-line competition page ran on M-Net’s (The Survivor TV Network) website, which included an interactive survivor game with two KFC Survivor characters.

How Could this be a Template for Other Campaigns or for World Class Standards? According to Verity Smith, KFC’s Brand Manager responsible for this project:
“KFC successfully ‘owned’ the association through-out the Survivor series, with innovative creative & media use. This enabled the brand to move into a more contemporary area, elevating the brands’ stature in the marketplace.”

A campaign like this KFC example can spoof a television series with a Variety Bucket Reward, yet build a positive bond with it, while also enhancing audience awareness of the show itself..

Results: Since this launch, Variety Bucket sales have been so successful that they are now a permanent menu item. Also the KFC advertising in association with the Survivor show demonstrated a 50% reach achieved against high-income adults. That represents impressive exposure from just one TV program.