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SILVER WINNER: Oracle Business Intelligence (Germany)

Client: Oracle

Entrant Company: Starcom Germany

Entry Category: A Local Execution of a Multinational Campaign

Names to be credited with submission:
• Michael Busch, Head of Digital Department Germany

Time Period of Campaign: 2008

Case Study Summary:

Marketing Situation: Germany is a highly competitive IT market, and Oracle wanted to break into the elite group of top three solution providers that maintain approximately 80% share of voice.

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Software, allows programs, not just from Oracle’s suite, but also its competitors, to share data and streamline company effectiveness. With the vast array of software solutions in use by domestic companies, getting all of the programs to talk to each other and share data should be important to IT Business Decision Makers (BDMs). Unfortunately it’s low on their list of priorities, because few realize that such a product exists.

The campaign’s goal was to show BDMs that Oracle could unite all of their company’s data into a single Business Intelligence software solution and show them how this software could pay for itself.

Key Insights: The German marketplace, even though one of the largest in Europe, consists mostly of mid-size companies that need nimble solutions – and they can’t afford to waste time and money on a wide selection of products and services.

Business Decision Makers (BDMs) have an affinity for certain advertising content and although they continue to receive that content from their preferred vendors, they remain extremely protective of their personal information with “unknown” vendors.

Given Oracle’s need for lead generation, the ability to access quality content would be critical to encouraging a BDM to provide personal information. As a lesser player in the German market, Oracle also lacked the volumes of existing content needed to create a suitably robust platform to ensure the program’s success.

Media Strategy: Oracle partnered with Germany’s leading IT information source, IDG, to create “Oracle World” on the popular website, The central touch point of the program was a micro site with references to a wealth of vehicles-- whitepapers, news & articles, webcast videos, web 2.0-style participation, eBooks and community. A Lead Generation Tool was added to enable users to download a small widget for easy access to all relevant whitepaper uploads. With IDG’s expert editorial involvement, Oracle was able to create a host of easy-to-use - and access - information that bridged highly technical information and relevant business understanding.

All of above content was also compiled and published in a special 66-page print edition book, which was sold on newsstands. The easy-to-use print edition was a handy reference manual that BDMs could literally take on the road or keep available when looking for practical knowledge or information about Business Intelligence.

How Could this be a Template for Other Campaigns or for World Class Standards? The need for business lead collection is universal – and while the need crosses borders, the legalities, local market approaches and the willingness of the targets’ to provide private information all vary from country-to-country. Germany may have some of the most challenging privacy standards; however, this program can be easily translated and replicated to work in multiple countries – either at the same time, or with greater specialization for individual countries’ needs. Pairing with a prominent vendor like IDG allows the flexibility to translate content cost effectively, while still tailoring it to a local market’s needs and nuances.

Results: The program was a remarkable success. Within only four weeks of inception, the campaign delivered 70% above program goal for leads from German BDMs. Additionally, using benchmarks within Germany, the cost-per-lead was dramatic lower than the country’s standards.