BRONZE: Accenture

Client: Accenture
Submitted By: Accenture, Chicago
Campaign Title: Accenture Corporate Twitter Feed

As a global consulting, technology and outsourcing company, Accenture provides a dynamic website that features its exclusive High Performance Business Research which highlights how leading companies consistently outperform their competition. An additional marketing objective was to leverage third-party sites and emerging social media channels to broaden the interest in

A Twitter feed was undertaken, and to ensure that it reflected Accenture’s brand positioning, it needed to demonstrate best practices and expertise in a new medium. Delivering a steady update of news and information offered the Accenture team an opportunity to satisfy a longstanding need among C-level executives through a channel they were starting to embrace.

The results not only increased the visibility of the Accenture content, but also expanded the brand by creating greater interest among current and potential clients. In addition to seeing more followers and click-throughs on the site, the redistribution of content through re-tweets has been impressive. (“How Millenials use Technology: Accenture” was one of the larger re-tweets.)