A digital campaign can create awareness, establish a brand or drives sales through lead generation and conversion. Digital Innovation may mean any of the following:

  • An exceptional website experience
  • Integration of online & offline media
  • Innovative content & advertising integration
  • Engaging online advertising—either with display banners, pop ups, web tools or apps
  • Business to business solutions- employing web seminars, podcasts, white papers or events
  • Streaming or online video
  • Social Media Solutions with viral marketing, word of mouth or user-generated content
  • Online Community building via Social Networks
  • Mobile strategy
  • Digital out-of-home
  • Search Marketing tactics—SEM or SEO
  • In-game advertising

Again, any of these solutions qualify. These awards are looking at how any of these tactics lead to an innovative digital marketing strategy that crosses borders or can be an exemplary local best practice that may be implemented in other markets.

Eligibility: The Awards are open to those companies involved in media strategy and placement for advertising purposes, such as advertising agencies, media specialist agencies, advertisers with in-house agencies, any other media strategist organization, clients or any digital supplier or media owners/content providers.

Call for Entries. Final Deadline: August 16, 2010. Campaigns from June 2009 though July 2010 qualify for 2010 Awards to be announced at the end of September 2010