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"Football Remix"
OMD Global

While many brands focus their efforts on being official sports sponsors, Pepsi’s strategy has always been to align football and entertainment given the brand’s strong ties to both sport and music… and stand out from the crowd.

The Football Remix program included a bold digital campaign that included unique experiences by platform—from Xbox to Facebook to YouTube-- which not only aligned with the look and feel of the TVC, but also included interactive and viral elements to fuel engagement. Connecting fans with what they love always leads to greater engagement.

Partnerships with key football players (Messi, Drogba, Lampard, Torres, Wilshere, Aguero, etc.) were extended into the digital programs through appearances within branded digital assets. Creating tailor-made experiences gets fans closer to a message, and Pepsi Football Remix put the user at the center of the experience. For example, free content on Xbox provided an avenue for deeper connection by promoting behind the scenes content and giveaways. Cross-promotion through Twitter allowed users to interact with each other and increased the impact of the game.

All of the Football Remix programs were designed to be social, which allowed Pepsi to measure their impact not just in terms of impressions, but also interactions and social buzz.