HP "Audience Network"
PHD Chicago

HP’s Audience Network is a sophisticated program to focus its media objectives on engagement actions vs. simply clicks. Its mission, in a big and personalized data world, is to better utilize key performance indicators and conversion actions of engagement to more accurately reflect true business impact and drive sales.

Driven to unlock the value of HP’s first party data, PHD had to first centralize that data into a core data management platform (DMP) which would allow for more robust segmentation than currently available. DMP’s are not new; certain variants have been utilized by publishers in the behavioral targeting ecosystem for quite some time. However, a brand actually implementing their own DMP across their owned properties was new and pioneering.

Across the HP marketing organization, the power and value of the HP Audience Network was quickly understood as engagement rates rocketed on these data-driven tactics. HP’s procurement team was excited by the cost efficiency and media value productivity delivered by the HP Audience Network. Likewise, HP’s media organization was excited by the superior engagement rates and cost per engagement compared to other, more “traditional” online tactics.