Frito LayGold

Frito-Lay "Farmville"

To promote all natural Frito Lay brands, OMD understood two critical things: First, peer recommendation and word-of-mouth were primary influencers in mom’s decision-making. Second, as a consumer who had ‘grown up digital’, she expected transparency and opt-in marketing. A traditional ad campaign wouldn’t be effective at capturing attention or driving credibility.

These facts led to a key insight: to succeed in changing perception, it would take an Online village of moms Advocating to other moms. To grow this online village, Frito-Lay went to Farmville, the world’s largest social game. We could naturally integrate within the farm and reach the masses of Moms we needed. About 18 million Moms play each day!

For the first time, an in-game prompt suggested players find us on Facebook. Once there, they gained access to exclusive content: cooking webisodes from famous chefs, employee testimonials, and sweepstakes. They could experience a live event with Frito-Lay’s world class chefs, all natural ingredients and products live streamed from a Frito-Lay kitchen in Times Square onto Facebook.

Most importantly, the results put Frito-Lay in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most Facebook likes in 24 hours! The response was huge! Our integration of social networking and gaming was incredibly effective at creating an instant online community for Frito-Lay and generating advocates for our new product. And most importantly, it resulted in sales growth and measurable change in consumer perceptions of Frito-Lay products.