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Google "Pixel"
Obscura Digital (Global)

Google was challenged this year to creatively utilize 60 Google Chromebook Pixels to demonstrate the interactive touch screen and retina display features through a communal interactive experience. Google conceptualized a challenging design of 2 rows of 30 laptops each inverted in a circle, with a resolution of 76,800 x 3,400 pixels combined with 60 channels of audio, to create an interactive art sculpture called “Pixel 2.0 - The UFO”. The interactive installation enabled people to walk up to the product and draw musical paths on the touch screen surfaces with their fingertips to trigger networked media and musical notes that simultaneously played across the 60 machines. This innovative art instillation has paved the way, providing a unique approach for brands to display and launch new products. When the Google Chromebook Pixel premiered at Google I/O, there was a lot of blogging and reporting Stating that the ‘Pixel 2.0 UFO’ generated its own hype and buzz at the live event. Due to the installation's success, the Pixel 2.0 UFO is going to travel to other Google events.