Luxottica, Ray Ban Boiler RoomBronze

Luxottica, "Ray Ban Boiler Room," OMD International (Multinational)

Based on current tracking we know Ray-Ban is blessed with huge understanding and brand recognition across every major region. The challenge is no longer creating excitement around the brand but maintaining it. In 2013, Ray-Ban isn’t just competing against other sunglass brands; they’re competing for share of mind in the space of “cool”, with brands such as Vans, Nike, and Apple. The target audience are the purposefully creative - young, cool urbanites living on the edge. In order to remain on top, it was critical Ray-Ban engaged their audience in an authentic way, offering experiences and content truly valuable to them. Aligning with key passion points Ray-Ban decided to connect through one their most cardinal – Music. Ray-Ban went to work with the freshest, fastest growing, most innovative music platform out there – Boiler Room, a live music streaming platform from the UK steadily growing traction in the States. Partnering with them for South by South West, they co-created a VIP line up for the festival. An intimate VIP concert was teased through Boiler Room and Ray-Ban’s social media channels driving astonishing engagement. Almost 15,000 online event RSVPs were received, each posted to the recipients Facebook newsfeed. To date the performances have been watch a further 170k times on Youtube, with an on-going legacy of the event.