Norelco, "Click & Style," Havas Media (Local-multi)

In recent years, the electric Shaving and Grooming category in US has been declining. While older users continue to use electric razors, their younger counterparts are adopting blades, which are perceived as easier, cheaper and cooler. In order to grow the category and the business, Phillips Norelco had to find a way to become relevant to younger men. To do this, Philips introduced a new product called Click & Style, a multi-purpose electric shaver, styler and body groomer. Their challenge was not just about driving brand preference; rather, it required a behavior shift among the target to convert from manual shaving to electric. There needed to be a change in conversation taking place about electric razors, shifting from an old, stodgy product to a cool, hip product that appeals to young guys and enables them to score a date, look great on the beach or get their dream job. When a young man shaves with the Click & Style, it makes him feel like the best version of himself. The Philips Norelco guy is someone who can make things happen. And so…“More Power to You” was born. In order to turn young guys into Philips Norelco users, they created rich, engaging digital content based on the “More Power to You” platform to develop an emotional connection and gain credibility with a new product. Brilliantly funny TV creative was introduced where characters express euphemisms like as “I’d Date Me” to convey self-confidence obtained through their use of Philips Norelco Click & Style. We showcased this message through highly targeted, young male programming in Cable TV as the launching pad to get the brand noticed among this new target audience. To make real impact, we amplified the message and played off the euphemisms, by creating native content within digital environments where our guys hang out. Additionally, Norelco partnered with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and premier wrestler, Daniel Bryan, to seamlessly integrate Philips Norelco into WWE content and social experiences. Daniel Bryan created funny videos that marvel at the great facial hair of renowned wrestlers of the past. Within these videos, he also demonstrated product usage, reveled in his own manscaped masterpiece. Phillips Norelco experienced an increase in sales by +400% since the campaign started with the Click & Style jumping to the #2 most-wished-for razor on Amazon within 10 days of the campaign start.