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Vestas, "Act On Facts," Vestas (Global)

Matt Partridge, Development Director at REG Windpower says, “I warmly welcome this campaign. We are an extremely active developer and operator of onshore wind farms with projects across the country, and we see first-hand how damaging myths about wind energy can be. This campaign not only has the potential to help base the debate on facts rather than half-truths and rhetoric, but can also help us engage with the 70% of the population that nationwide surveys consistently show are in favour of onshore wind.”

According to Maria McCaffery, Chief Executive of RenewableUK, “Wind power is overwhelmingly popular with communities up and down the country, yet sometimes this support gets drowned out in the media by a small but highly vocal minority. It is very important that wind supporters feel more confident about speaking out. They have nothing to fear because the facts are on their side.” “We are really pleased to see Act on Facts being rolled out in Sweden. It’s an excellent initiative, and we will encourage our own staff to engage,” says Linda Burenius Magnusson, CEO, O2 Vindel. According to Per Witalisson, CEO, Eolus Vind AB, “We’ve seen projects delayed and even cancelled as a result of public opposition. It’s one thing if the concerns are well-founded and based on real information. It’s a completely different matter when scare-mongering is the source of the problems. We’re pleased to support Vestas’ initiative. It’s long over-due.”

“We know that most people actually want more wind energy in their countries. Politicians and other decision makers just need to hear that more often. So, congratulations to Vestas for taking this step. You’ve done a great job creating an innovative, professional campaign,” says Matilda Afzelius, Development Manager, Nordisk Vindkraft AB.

“The trade association supports Act on Facts. I encourage everyone to visit the portal and to spread the campaign within in their networks,” says Annika Helker Lundström, CEO, Swedish Wind Power Association. According to Infigen Energy Managing Director Miles George, “This campaign is a crucial part of the industry’s efforts to take back the initiative from the anti-wind movement and share some facts with the Australian people. Wind energy projects that could save up to five million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year are being stalled by scare campaigns and misinformation.”