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Emerson Electric, "It’s Never Been Done Before," PHD (Locall)

In the U.S., “Black Friday” is the Superbowl of the retail shopping year. Footlocker’s target is well-versed in sneaker culture and craves authenticity in the gear he buys - to him, it’s all about a look that’s real and getting his look right is essential. During a week cluttered with discount messaging how would Foot Locker stand out and be noticed among discerning sneaker enthusiasts? In 2012, Foot Locker decided to take a very different approach. They advertised the most expensive and rare products during the highest volume shopping day of the year. It was counterintuitive, it was uncomfortable. And it was an amazing opportunity to break through. To catch the target’s eye Footlocker had to follow him through a premium curated media experience in the same way the consumer hunts for exclusive sneakers. This called for a next-generation retail media plan to take him on the ultimate premium hunt; away from the noise of the week leading up to Black Friday. Footlocker designed a sneaker hunt thorough media around the consumer’s passion points to lure and lead the target to stores come Black Friday. That week is a busy one it equals NFL and NBA games and sneaker releases. The Premium Sneaker Hunt had the consumer discovering the hottest future sneaker launches via influential “sneakerheads”, brands and word of mouth, built anticipation around when and where the sneaker releases would happen, the “drop” in store where waiting in line for sneakers becomes an event in itself and then showing them off to friends though sneaker communities. Footlocker’s custom NBA star teaser video led to over 1.6MM organic views, with total views exceeding 2.8MM, drawing in the attention of their core, in-the-know target that amplified our message further. Footlocker Q4 2012 comparable store sales increased 9.4%.They also saw success in social as well with the campaign delivering +122% video engagements and 2x fans on Facebook.