Bombadier Campaign 2010

GOLD — Becel
“Love Your Heart”

Entrant Company: PHD Canada
Category: A Local Brand or Service in a Local Market with innovative media solutions worthy of international adaptation or of world class standards.  

The Situation:

As founding sponsor of the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s The Heart Truth, Becel’s challenge was to inspire and empower women to take action to prevent heart disease.  

This was year three of the Becel Love Your Heart campaign. Year two was a huge success and our team was tasked with topping it. The Love Your Heart campaign is timed off the heels of “Heart month” in February, and its goal is to inspire women to make their heart health a priority. This year we focused on getting women to internalize the fact that their hearts are at the centre of many lives – physically and emotionally, and that in order to be there for others, they need to first care for themselves. However, this campaign was not about guilting women, it was about inspiring them.

We needed to connect with women in an impactful and meaningful way. We wanted women to consider the full implications of their heart health, for themselves and those in their lives, and inspire them to act in positive ways.
Insight and Strategic Approach: Our insight was that heart health alone wasn’t enough to engage women who needed to know the Truth. We needed them to know their heart not only gives you life, it gives love and meaning to the lives around you.  

Celebrities play an influential role in the lives of women. We knew that capturing women’s attention though key influential figures would be the way to get them to consider their heart health – a cause that women easily brush aside, considering there are no evident symptoms. So we set out to capture their attention through entertaining content, such as fashion, celebrities, and the power of film.  

To breakthrough we wove our message through this content and made it big, bold, and entertaining. Based on this, we chose influential figures who could personally communicate Becel’s message via artistic means.  

We partnered with two well-known directors/actresses: Sarah Polley in the English-speaking part of Canada; and Pascale Bussières in the French-speaking market, to each create a 2min short film that would be their own personal expression of Becel’s Love Your Heart message. These were “The Heart” in English and “Les Coeur C’est Sacre” in French.

Media Tactics:The Academy Awards and its French equivalent, Les Jutra, were the perfect platforms to premiere our directors’ shorts.  

To support the premiere in the Oscars, Becel partnered with etalk! (Canada’s #1 entertainment program) to develop a highly integrated pre-promotional campaign that culminated in live integration within the etalk! Red Carpet pre-show.  

The etalk! Red Carpet live pre-show integration included: - etalk co-host Tanya Kim wearing a specially designed red dress (a symbol of the cause) by famous Canadian designer Andy The Ahn. A special content piece detailing Andy’s design of the dress and its special connection to Becel aired during the Oscar Pre-Show. - etalk co-host Ben Mulroney wore a red pocketsquare to compliment Tanya’s red dress. Each host mentioned that they were wearing the red to support Becel’s Love Your Heart campaign. - Ben also reminded viewers to watch the premiere of “The Heart” during the Oscars.  

In a first for Canada’s Oscar broadcast, a full commercial block was bought by Becel to premiere the film. Strategically, and purposefully, to provide viewers with a content extension to the Oscars programming, “The Heart” aired (premiered) right after the “Short Film” award! The film ended with Ben Mulroney outside the Chinese Man Theatre encouraging viewers to go to Facebook to support the cause and learn more.  

Following the telecast of Oscars, we turned to Magazine to extend messaging. An advertorial in Canadian Living (Canada’s turned-to women’s source), highlighted how celebrity and fashion had come together to support this cause. There was an interview with Tanya Kim about her experience at the Oscars and her custom red dress. Exclusive dress sketches by Andy The Ahn were also included, giving consumers behind-the-scene look.  

With another first in French Canada, the film premiered in-show during Les Jutra. The director, Pascale Busieres, presented the film, with the message of heart health for women. Following the awards, Pascale was interviewed during a special show dedicated to the winners of Les Jutra: she was specifically invited to speak about the film Becel had commissioned her to make.  

The English and French films gained further exposure through airing on digital pre-roll and cinema advertising. A facebook community was established to deepen consumer engagement. Display advertising drove to the fan page, where the films were pre-promoted and aired, with a “Red Dress” app among other content.  

How this Campaign may be a Template for World Class Standards The overall success of the campaign can be attributed to a few simple yet important factors, all of which can be applied to any given market and campaign.

Ensuring a unified vision of the project among parties (media, supplier, client, creative) is critical in connecting with our target.  
Results:- Consumer view of: Becel being good for your heart and health increased 19% year over year - Campaign recognition was 44% above norms - 50% more visits to the Becel site versus year over year - Facebook page went from 0 to 15,332 fans during the campaign - Facebook page attracted our precise target; 90% female, with the largest demographic segment being women 35-44