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Chevy—“RPM,” Tapestry, US

In an effort to increase Chevy’s appeal among young, urban, male Latinos, Tapestry teamed up with Mun2 – Telemundo’s youth cable network – to create a program that spoke directly to this emerging demographic. RPM, a weekly scripted drama, reflected the real world US experience of “hurbanos” – young bilingual men -- and the integral role cars (Chevy) play in their lives. Full of action and drama, RPM features a group of young Latinos striving to make something of themselves by day, and ruling the underground racing scene by night. And the Chevy Camero was front and center – embodying everything a young Latino desires in a vehicle – performance, prestige and peer acceptance. RPM marked the best show premier on the Mun2 Network in more than three years, and allowed Chevy to dust off its well-deserved “cool” status.