SILVER —NMOCA (National Museum of Contemporary Art) Korea –

MasterCard—“Capitales Del Fútbol,” UM & ESPN Latin AmericaWith the expansion of mobile media, exhibition communication is evolving. For a sophisticated art-enjoying audience, a printed brochure in today’s multi-media world seems archaic.

NMOCA set out to revolutionize how audiences interact with art. Four axes of insight were created that formed the basis for their new exhibition brochure: audiences' experience, service innovation, art industry situations and the NMOCA engagement. By creating a brochure in tablet form, NMOCA was able to directly show three-dimensional features and the media-friendly character of contemporary artwork. Readers are able to enjoy not only the whole art image but also whole ranges down to super-detail texture by and rotation features.

The brochure for tablet much more closely replicates the art-going experience and will set the standard for art promotion going forward.