Pedigree—“Kymba,” Havas Sports & Entertainment Argentina

GOLD — Pedigree—“Kymba,”
Havas Sports & Entertainment Argentina

In Argentina, more than 80% might never have a home. Experts will tell you that the vast majority of homeless dogs are over 2 years old, abandoned after the novelty of owning a puppy has worn off. Pedigree set out to sell dog more dog food, but also saw a wider opportunity to educate Argentines on the responsibilities of pet ownership and to help increase pet adoptions.

The campaign started with introducing a dog into the plot of the most watched television show in the country, Big Brother. The day the audience met the dog, Kymba, achieved the highest ratings of the season. Viewer-inspired Hashtags and Facebook groups appeared the same night. A contest, promoted online and on air, was held to adopt Kymba and over time, Kymba became one of the most popular characters on the show. But there was also a message -- proper dog care was taught by the way cast interacted with the Kymba.

Kymba became synonymous with good pet care, and Pedigree synonymous with Kymba. Market share for Pedigree increased 1.1% and penetration 1.3% year-over-year. Television achieved 2.0 million impressions and delivered 26% more than budget and monthly visits to grew from 6,000 to 89,000 during Big Brother.