GOLD —Sparkasse —”Giro sucht Hero.” AM Communications & MPG, Germany

GrandPrix —Sparkasse —”Giro sucht Hero.”
AM Communications & MPG, Germany

In Germany, students use their parents´ banks until they graduate – when they get hit with fees for going “solo” – and start considering other options. Sparkasse Bank, with +50M customers, has the largest network of branches/ATMs in Germany -- offering free and convenient access to cash. But unlike other banks reacting to the recession and flooding the market with free direct deposit offers, Sparkasse generally still charges fees on their savings accounts. The bank was rapidly losing traction with their young customers.

To help highlight Sparkasse’s message, they recruited Joko and Klauss – two popular Jackass-style comedians on MTV -- to participate in the ultimate battle for who would become the bank’s next ambassador. Over five months, the two participated in hilarious stunts that were showcased online and integrated Sparkassen products and services. Young people were encouraged to interact, comment and vote on the brand’s Facebook page. For every “like,” the bank donated 1€ to Young Heroes, a charitable cause close to young people’s hearts. The campaign was supported by sponsorship of the star’s television show, in print, OOH, radio and mobile advertising.
In a fairly staid advertising category, targeting young people who are notoriously hard to engage, the promotion challenged category conventions and truly connected and entertained young people in a fun and relevant way. Young people´s desire for a Sparkasse account increased dramatically.