SILVER — Maytag Canada, MediaCom Toronto

Maytag went outside the playbook when launching the Maxima washer and dryer in Canada. Its existing “Made in the USA” campaign would not play well with prideful Canadians, so they aligned themselves with a true Canadian passion – Hockey.

In Spring 2011 Canada was in frenzy as the Vancouver Canucks were in a position to take the Stanley Cup for Canada for the first time since 1993. While women are the traditional target for home appliances, Maytag placed a big bet on the hockey frenzy becoming a family affair. And they were right. Brokering a first-of-its kind HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA content deal, ads ran featuring the familiar Maytag repair man set in a locker room as players threw even the most soiled laundry into the new Maxima model ran. The ads ran throughout the playoffs, which saw a 112% increase in female viewership. By defying conventional wisdom, Maytag doubled sales in just one month and achieved double digit brand share growth.